At first, polar fleece was mainly used for sportswear, but the positive aspects of this fibre has made it very popular and now the jackets and blouses have found their market even among those who do not like to climb on the Mountains or are not particularly keen on winter sports. Polar fleece clothing is one of the biggest sales successes in recent years.

Polar woman/men’s to personalize for your business, perfect promotional clothing also as workwear or as uniform.

Polar fleece is a soft and practical garment that keeps you warm in the colder seasons. Ideal for a company’s breathable yet comfortable attire.

We test the aging of our polar fleece products to ensure their durability. We guarantee:
– abrasion resistance,
– the stiffness of the seams
– fabric resistance after 3 washings (dimensional stability)
– Color sealing after washing, relative to UV or still in contact with sweat.

This is one of our main products, which we produce 360 days in the year.